How to Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

Fear of the dentist is a very common phobia. Some people even say that they would rather jump out of an airplane than go for a dentist’s visit. While that may seem extreme, there are so many people that can’t get past the fear and just avoid going to the dentist altogether. Avoiding dental care can not only be detrimental to your dental health but harmful to your overall health and well-being. Some dental problems could cause other areas of your body to be affected. So, to help ease you back into dental care, here are nine ways in which you can overcome your fear of the dentist.

Visit the dental office
If you don’t already have a beekman dentist and you are looking to find one that you can trust, you should interview two to three dentists before making a final decision on which one you feel most comfortable with. Many dental offices have a specialty in dental fear. Ask if the dentist may have had any training on easing dental fear in patients. Their bedside manner and how they handle patients that are scared will help you make your decision.

Tell your dentist about your fear
If you have been avoiding your carmel dentist and putting off a problem that really needs to be taken care of, you should go ahead and make that appointment. Before your procedure begins, ask your dentist to have a conversation with you about the procedure and what to expect. Sometimes talking with your dentist and the staff can shed some light on your concerns and make you feel more at ease before your dental procedure.

Understand new dental technologies
Today’s dental procedures are way more advanced than when you were a kid. With modern technology and new ways to perform dental procedures, you may be worried about nothing. The same procedure that caused you a bit of pain when you were ten may not be the same today. Ask your dentist how modern technology plays into the procedure you are scheduled for.

Ask for sedation
While not all procedures will require sedation, you can ask your dentist if it would be appropriate for your situation. Look for a brewster dentist who understands dental fear and can provide you with options in order to relieve your concerns. Some dentists may be able to offer anti-anxiety medication before your procedure.

Establish a trusting relationship
Not all personalities mesh. As mentioned above, you should interview a few dentists before making a decision. You should be able to feel comfortable and at ease with the dentist that will be tending to your dental problem. If you feel rushed or intimidated, you should move on to the next candidates until you find the right one. This advice can apply to many different situations, as well. For example, I personally met with 3 different companies prior to choosing company to perform the repairs I desperately needed.

Practice relaxation techniques
Taking a deep breath and even listening to soothing music before and during your dental procedure could play a big part in helping you relax. If you feel relaxed and comfortable, the less you will tendency in feeling anxious. Schedule your appointment for the first thing in the morning to get it out of the way. There’s nothing worse than having anxiety in anticipation of your dental procedure.

Communicate with your dentist
You and your dentist should have an understanding of when they should stop a procedure. If you are feeling too much pain or very anxious and you want to stop, you should signal your dentist. This signal should be established with your dentist before the procedure begins.

Don’t skip regular check-ups
If you skip regular checkups, then you are more prone to dental infections and disease. If you stay on top of your dental care, then you are less likely to feel anxious about a more serious procedure. Avoiding problems will help you make your dental visits more endurable.

Start with a simple cleaning
If you want to ease into your dental visits, just start with a simple cleaning. During your cleaning, your dentist can tell a lot about what procedures you may need and give you tips on how to take care of your teeth. This will help you build a more trusting relationship with your dentist and should ease your fear if you need to have a more serious procedure done in the future. Having a good poughkeepsie dentist is not something to take lightly. Call Scott Kupetz MD today.